Friday, November 30, 2012

My Tarot Reading

Nashare ko na dati na bumili ako ng Tarot card reading book with tarot card na kasama. Well.... hindi ko nagamit sa pansariling pagbabasa ng kapalaran at nakatago lang sa bahay yung tarot card. Pero heniwei, kanina lungs, magkausap kami ng batchmate ko na itatago ko sa pangalang Honeylou at naengganyo ako na magvisit at magpahula sa isang online tarot reading.... At heto, ishashare ko ang hula-hoo sa akins. :p

1. How do you feel about yourself now?

You want love or a new love in your life and a new relationship is in the offering. Even if you are not thinking about love, you're in for a surprise. If faced with a choice this is an important one and could affect the rest of your life.

2.What you most want for this moment?

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is some joy and pleasure in your life, perhaps a long needed holiday in the sun to re-charge your batteries. You may have been through a period of challenges or a time of limbo and inactivity. The Sun heralds an ending to difficulties and a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, a time of pleasure and good news around children or the conception or birth of a longed-for baby.

3. You fears.

You are afraid your world is falling apart, you're experiencing sudden changes and disruption and you don't quite know what to do. Perhaps subconsciously you've wanted a solution to an issue but didn't quite expect things to have turned out as they have. Use this change as an opportunity for a new beginning. If you have been planning to move home you will be experiencing setbacks.

4. What is going for you.

Brave heart! Your self-confidence and courageous spirit is unstoppable at the moment. Be patient and compassionate, self-disciplined and strong and you will reap great rewards for your courage.

5. What is going against you?

A run of bad luck here, perhaps already evident or certainly signs that things are not going your way. The responsibility of important decisions weigh heavy with you where there are choices to make. Trust your intuition, and even if you have to make the painful decision to give up something in order to move on, then have the courage to do it. Trust that The Wheel of Fortune constantly turns and whilst it may be against you at the moment it will in time turn and bring you good fortune. 

6. Outcome

Success, fulfillment and conclusion are near at hand - the successful outcome to a venture, satisfaction in a relationship and efforts rewarded. It is a culmination of events and indicates material wealth and greater spiritual awareness. You may choose to buy that dream house or a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is on offer, enjoy!

Alam mo yung feeling na spot on ang hulabaloo ng reading... yung sapol na sapol at tinamaan ako ng subrax! 

Kung nais niyo din mahulaan via tarot card, try the link here 

O cia, hanggang dito na langs muna! Tekker!


  1. naalalala ko dati nabother ako sa nakita ko may tarot card na nakakalat sa daan my sunog sunog pa tas pagpulot ko ng isang card(curious lnag) pag flip ko death card waaaah manginig nginig akong umuwi sa bahay

  2. Na-try ko tong site na to before at dahil ni-share mo din lang yung link sinubukan ko na ulit. Yung number 6 lang ang tumama sa akin hahahaha..

  3. ako niregaluhan ako before ng ex ko ng tarot cards. ayun, inaalikabukan lang siya. hahaha. pero ang cool nito ha. totoo ba ang mga keme ng hulahoo na to?

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  5. Ayoko itry baka masapul din ako! Hahaha.

  6. may mga bagay talaga sa mundo na mahirap ipaliwanag. minsan itong mga psychic something na toh malakas ang hatak lols.

  7. huwaw!! at special mention me!! ahaha!! =P

  8. ang saya naman ng on line tarot chenes! tr-try ko to dahil sabi mo spot na spot on ang mga readings :)