Saturday, April 30, 2011

7 Reasons Why I Should Win an Ipad!

Today, i was shocked and surprised that there is an ongoing contest that is giving away an iPad gadget. Perhaps i got too busy with work and personal stuff that i was not informed of such contest. But there's still a chance to catch up. I still have almost 24 hours left to join the contest. So here i am and i gathered all my prowess to leave my comfort zone and blog using the english language. (hopefully, there's no major major error! lol).

Based from the criteria given, the mechanics of the contest is to give or provide 7 reasons why i should win an Ipad. Also, another criteria is to mention the sponsor of the contest; Sherweb

So without further ado, i will now state why I (as in a capital I) should with that iPad.

1. Okay, let's start with sympathy reason. 2 weeks ago, my digital camera was stolen. My digicam named 'jiji' was camnaped! My 1 month old camera dissappeared and left me weeping for a day. I do believe that the Ipad will be a suitable replacement for my lost gadget.

2. Second reason: Give chance to others. For those who already won with online contest, maybe its time to let others experience winning. It is better to give than to receive therefore, give way and let me win that iPad. hehehe.

3. My third reason is a bit cheesy. Well, my mom wants to have an iPad to experience how to use a touch screen gadget. My salaray is not enough to grant my moms wish so if in case, i can use this opportunity to make my mom happy. This will be an advance gift for Mother's day.

4. I want to try different applications on that new gadget. Well, iPad is popular with the capabily to use different apps. One possible apps that i can use and enjoy on that gadget is the fat booth. Here is a sample of that app. I want to take revenge and create funny pics of my friends and co-employees. (Hopefully, i won't be that big). Wahehehe.

5. I will use that iPad for social networking. I'm a facebook addict. I usually check my facebook account every 2 hours. I also read the tweets of fellow blogger so therefore, this gadget will be very useful for me to communicate and to broaden my circle of friends online. :D

6. The special device will help me overcome writers block. If i am carrying the iPad daily, i can immediately share what i experienced. This will also help me express what i feel or what i am thinking.

7. Kamen Rider agrees that i should win that iPad. :D

I am praying that the judges will select my entry and let me win. 

I would like to thank Sherweb the #1 hosted exchange provider and for this great Ipad giveaway.

Happy Saturday to all! :D TC!


  1. Oooh. Kalaban ni Michael. Haha. Kayo na! Sana isa sa inyo manalo.

  2. Gelow, may typo ata.. checks facebook every 2 hours? baka 2 minutes?.. lol

    Goodluck! napa English ang lolo bigla! hehehe

  3. ok. sana manalo ka. dami nyo eh. hehehe pero pag swerte mo, swerte mo. good luck :)

  4. goodluck Gelo! ^^

  5. Good luck Gelo!
    Sayang di na ako makakasali dito. Hahaha.

  6. hahaha kulet lan gelo, akala ko ung ipad contest d2 sa RBC yan, nagtaka ako bkit english, hehehe

  7. @yow, uu, nakita ko to kay michael last time. ngayun lang ako nagka-time :D

    @JeffZ, i know! para akong nasa work, umiinglish. may gawd!

    @Bino, sana swertehin nga. salamat

  8. @anonymous- thanks

    @mommy-razz, arigato!

    @nieco_speaks, salamats!

  9. @robbie, oo nga, dati dun sa contest ni jezlau sumali ka. :D

    @chroky, sasali din ako dyan sa contest sa opis. sayang ang samsung galaxy :p

    @kebun, salamat

  10. Na nosebleed ako kuya=)) GOOdLUCK!

  11. I am praying for you too khant :)

    ang ganda ng ipod in fairview. pwede ba sumali din? hehe pero talo na ko sayo. :)

    good luck to you!

  12. Goodluck Khanto sana mapili ang entry mo.

  13. May the best man win that IPad na lang, khanto ... Paslang kung paslang na ito!!! LOLOLOLOL. JUKKKK!!!!! :D

  14. @hard2getxxx, salamat sir

    @semidoppel, opcors

    @joyfull, ako din nosebleed

  15. @krn, salamat talaga

    @silentpal, sana nga pre

    @michael, hahhaha, may the best reason win

  16. go men! goodluck, go for the ipad! :)

  17. @whattaqueso, sasali din ako dito sa rbc contest :p galaxy tab naman :p

  18. wooot! thanks for joining! good luck sa lahat ^_^