Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am not sure!
I am uncertain!
There's doubt!
There's fear!

I thought that it is easy to decide!
I thought its just a simple yes or no!
I thought its like flicking your thumb!
Yet here i am, dumbstruck and stunned!

Why do i have to choose?
Why do i have to select?
Why do i have to pick only one?
The answer is nowhere to be found!

Am i a small fish?
A small fry swimming on this large pool
or am i a big fish on a tiny pond?
the answer is yet to come!

I hate this!
I hate to decide!
It's painful yet i can't feel anything!
It's a burden that i cant swing!

Some will say follow your heart.
Some will say follow your mind.
Some will say follow your dream.
I dont know what my scheme.

Currently deciding..................


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